The Faculty of Physics and Technology (originally the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics) has its origins in 1940 since the opening of the Teachers’ Institute in Stanislav. In 2002, the Faculty of Physics was formed, which in 2004 became a part of the Institute of Natural Sciences of the Precarpathian National University named after Vasyl Stefanyk. Since September 2006, the Faculty of Physics and Technology exists as a separate structural subdivision of the University.The educational process at the faculty is carried out by 12 doctors of sciences, professors and 26 candidates of sciences, associate professors, among them the Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the winner of the State Prize of Ukraine in the field of science and technology for 2002, Honored Science and Technology, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences , professor Ostafiychuk B.K .; Honored Worker of Higher School, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor Klymyshyn IA

    Multifaceted faculty is a scientific activity. Doctoral and postgraduate studies from the specialties “Physics of a Solids”, “Physics and Chemistry of the Surface”, “Chemistry of Solids”, “Physics of Colloidal Systems”, “Solid-state Electronics” are successfully operating. There is a specialized academic council for the protection of the doctorates (specialty “Physics and chemistry of the surface”) of dissertations.

      Given the considerable scientific potential, the existing material and technical base, the need for the development of high-tech research in the Precarpathian region, and the training of specialists in higher education in basic sciences, in 1999, the Research Institute for Physics and Chemistry was opened. The Institute publishes an international scientific journal “Physics and Chemistry of Solids”, which is included in the list of professional publications of the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine on Physical-Mathematical, Chemical and Technical Sciences.

   Dozens of monographs, textbooks, manuals, educational and methodological developments for students were prepared at departments and in scientific departments of the faculty.
To date, the faculty is equipped with computer classes, modern educational and scientific laboratories, auditoriums. The bases of industry best practices provide professional specialization and employment of graduates.

   At the faculty, there is a part-time physics and mathematics school, which helps the entrants to prepare better for entering the university. Students of the faculty can study at the expense of the state budget or on a contractual basis.

    On the faculty there are preparatory courses, which help the entrant to prepare for extramural and allow to enter the specialty of the faculty at preferential levels.

      Students enrolled in senior courses have the opportunity to participate in the double master’s degree program with Rzeszow University (Republic of Poland). This, along with the provision of additional quality education, allows you to prepare specialists for work in the European labor market.
After completing university studies, you can pursue a career in the European Community. If you have a desire to return to your homeland, you will definitely bring a lot of new and useful things in your native lands – strong knowledge, European thinking, possession of several foreign languages and many business contacts – this is a great base for the professional development of a young person.