Scientific Schools

Founded in 1977-1979 on the basis of the Ivan Franko State Pedagogical Institute named after Vasyl Stefanyk.

The founder of the scientific school is Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor, Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Bogdan Ostafiychuk.

The peculiarity of the school is the relationship between education and science, the use of scientific achievements in the educational process, the training of highly skilled specialists for the needs of higher education. The main activity of the school is the receipt and research of new and modifications of already known functional materials with unique properties that provide high specific capacitive and energy characteristics of generating and accumulation devices.

The activity of the scientific school makes it possible to develop recommendations for producers of generation and generation devices for the new generation, which will enable the society to provide cheap, environmentally friendly small energy devices.

Scientific developments were implemented on laboratory devices (super-condensers, galvanic elements), which according to their specific characteristics are at the level of known world’s analogs or exceed them. The results were repeatedly presented at international conferences and exhibitions (China, Canada, USA, France, Slovenia, Russia, etc.), where they received approval reviews, prizes and awards.
Founder: Freik Dmytro Myhaylovych.

Main directions of scientific research

Nanoscale systems based on semiconductor materials of chalcogenides of metals of II and IV subgroups.
Research of some dynamic and kinetic effects in semiconductor systems of reduced dimension.
Quasichemical description of point defects in AIVBVI and AIVBVI compounds.
Dispersion mechanisms of current carriers and optimization of electrical properties of films based on chalcogenides of lead.
Own radiation defects and electrical properties of AIVVVI films.
Thermoelectric Properties of Crystals and Thin Films of AIVBVI Compounds.

Basic Laboratories

Laboratory for growing thin films by the hot wall method.
Laboratory for growing thin films by the method of open evaporation.
Laboratory of Electrophysical Properties of Thin Films.
Laboratory of X-ray diffraction analysis.
Laboratory of synthesis of materials of compounds AIVBVI.